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The Alliance has direct and ongoing contact with local, regional, state and federal policy makers on issues of importance to Clackamas County business. Our relationships with key decision-makers and their staff allows for positive and constructive dialogue on business issues. These relationships offer a mutual benefit not only to our members, but to those officials and their staff as well. They frequently attend Alliance events, meetings and forums to better understand the concerns and desires of their local business community.

Another benefit of becoming a member of the Alliance is our access to and delivery of information on business issues that have a direct impact on our members. Our weekly electronic udate provides timely, pertinent information to members as issues arise.  Frequently, other organizations and governments solicit the Alliance for advice on issues before taking a position. Through the weekly update we are able to notify members of important issues and get a pulse of where our organization should and will weigh in on such matters.

The Alliance also sponsors quarterly Alliance forums on subjects of immediate interest to business and public sector members. Recent topics have included "Where the Rubber Hits the Road" - a forum on ongoing and planned transportation improvement projects within Clackamas County, and "Metro Council's New Look at Regional Choices."  Forums provide an opportunity to not only learn but to participate in discussions and provide your input to decision makers.

Clackamas County Business Priorities

After reviewing options that would increase CCBA’s legislative and lobbying capabilities, the CCBA Executive Committee and has determined to hire Burton Weast on a short term contractual basis effective September 1, 2014. For the next six months, Burton will serve as CCBA Executive Director, working 5-10 days a month with primary emphasis on lobbying for the CCBA with Legislature, Metro, Clackamas County. A secondary task will be to mentor Amy Oakley, CCBA Executive Manager, in effective advocacy as well as directorship of the CCBA.

Burton brings 40+ years of experience working as a lobbyist as well as serving 5 years as a former CCBA Executive Director. His legislative experience, networking contacts and professionalism will provide the CCBA with greatly enhanced capacity to promote healthy economic growth and improve the business climate in Clackamas County.  Join us in welcoming Burton Weast back to the CCBA!